Helping Children in Poverty to Receive Food and an Education



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In 2009, 80 million children around the world were not going to school on a regular basis. This lack of an education would lead to dire consequences for the next generation, unable to lift themselves out of poverty.

The solution? To ensure that no child went to bed hungry. Leon's plan was to equip schools to provide children with free meals, giving them an immediate reason to go to school, where they could then concentrate on their education. Leon came up with a very simple pay-it-forward concept: every time you buy a meal for yourself for 20p, you give a meal to a school child in the Global South.

This is the 20p video, explaining the concept:

The success of Extraordinary Ones garnered international attention. They were invited to join the United Nations World Food Program by coming on-board with their Fill the Cup initiative. 350K Euros were raised equating to the cost of approximately 1.75m meals; these were distributed mainly in India and Africa.


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WATCH video to discover why this project mattered to Leon and how simple it was for everyone to make a powerful difference:


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