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    Ghandi famously spoke the words: 'My life is my Message.' I too believe that the way we truly live our lives, the words we choose, the actions or sometimes the lack of action we undertake show who we truly are.


    If you want to learn who I am and what I stand for then look at my life. I have learned more from my failures then from my successes and the beautiful things I've have undertaken. The often challenging circumstances like Calais Kitchens have given me lots of inner peace, wisdom and understanding.


    Together qualities with my entrepreneurial journey have made my message unique and given me the courage and fulfilment we all long for.


    I work with conscious leaders and companies who want to be successful and admired for the impact they create.

  • Are you longing for more

    Outer Succes and Inner Fulfilment?

    A more meaningful life?

    Have long and lasting impact on those around you and in the world?

    Be admired as a leader and known for the impact you create?


    If you answer YES and want to fulfil your highest potential! Then let's have a chat.


    "Service and Impact are the real currency of Happiness and Fulfilment" Leon Aarts

  • TedX Speaker

    My TedX speech in 2018: The Power of Sharing a Meal.

    Sharing meals with others has the power to change perceptions and break down barriers. This is my story.

    Compassion London

    In March 2019 I started during the start of Covid-19 I started Compassion London. Within 2 weeks we cooked and delivered thousands of meals every day to those in London who really need it.

    #feedinglondon #cookedwithcompassion


    Real Alchemy is about the transformation of your soul. To be in absolute flow fulfilling your purpose.

    Through my own personal journey I have discovered how to do this and now I assist others on their path, designing their own signature life

    If you are interested contact .

    Supper Club Compassion

    Changing the way we relate to each other through the power of sharing a meal. The more you know about another person’s story, the less possible it is to see that person as your enemy.

    Published Author

    I've published 4 books. The latest one is called: Inside Out - How to Live with you Heart fully Open!

    Top Chef & Entrepreneur

    I started my life as a professional chef working in the top-end restaurants in Europe. That evolved to having a fine dining restaurant and having several fine food businesses in London.

    Giving me a wealth of experience and all round expertise in the food industry.

    Calais Kitchens

    In 2015 I was asked to help open a kitchen in the refugee camp in Calais, France. A project I am very proud of. From feeding a few hundred people every day we went to setting up a food distribution for 10 thousand people.

    Fill The Cup

    Feeding children through a simple premise; When you Eat, They Eat! Every time you buy a meal for yourself, you'd feed a child at the same time. A concept I launched in 2009 and in 5 years we helped thousands of children.

  • Christiane Pedros - Story Midwife

    "Leon's wit, wisdom and powerful way to shift my perspective again and again regardless of what crossroad of life, I find myself in has been a true gift. He is able to help me break out of my self-inflicted prison of 'trying' and brings me back into a state of effortless acceptance and flow. His transformational advice as a true friend, mentor and professional entrepreneur have helped me stay connected to my inner place of power and when I struggle to hold, return to it and make right decisions.

    Leon has a powerful creative mind and deeply wise heart, which he radically lives by. His intuition is uncanny and will hit you like a sword of truth. This is my greatest inspiration and one of the reasons I keep coming back to him for advice. There is many mentors in the world, yet very few who courageously live by what they teach. He teaches you to shine your brilliance by the means of living your truth without attachment. It's a radical and powerful invitation to live by our heart. He gives me the courage to do so and show up from that place in my relationships and in my business. I highly recommend working with Leon if you are ready to step into the next level of your powerful self."

    “Leon is undeniably a modern day mystic, a man for this renaissance, Leon is an ancient soul choosing to incarnate for the spiritual evolution of humanity. Leon’s insights are given with heartfelt clarity, which transcend space and time, his recipe for life is his story. Leon speaks with great confidence and certainty, inspiring us all to look within for our innate treasures our gifts to share with the world. It is a privilege and an honour to share the stage with him.”  Ella Matheson



    "Leon has the ability to enable change in people, to reveal the barriers to change and shine a light. Our experience of working with him, with an aim to re-energise our company, has been fruitful. Individual and team dynamics have freed us to look for solutions for the whole company in a fun dynamic way, whilst leaving us with a set of tools to now help ourselves.” John Benque

    Martin Masset - Purpose Driven Leadership

    We choose Leon because of his dedication and commitment during his activities in the refugee camp of Calais and his impressive performance as a speaker at TedX Maastricht.


    The great thing about Leon is his high degree of flexibility and creativity developing a tailor-made program for his audience. Leon takes great care and consideration into the people who participate in his programs and into their needs.


    In a very authentic way Leon fantastically entertained and inspired our group. He shared straight from his heart, his wisdom and insights, not just from theory, but through his own experiences. If you are looking for an inspiring speaker who directly impacts people: I full heartily recommend Leon to everyone.

    “Leon is a truly gifted inspirational speaker and author. He has a very relaxed, simple, peaceful, balanced aura around him, and he had everyone engaged all the time he was speaking to us. He clearly has a mission. The mission is PEACE on earth. He delivers the necessary tools to become part of this movement. There was an atmosphere of lightness and excitement in the space, when the talk was finished. My daughter, who also felt this was one of the most special people she had ever met and who walked away with a sense of enlightenment.”

    Silvia Siret

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