• “Compassion is the radicalisation of our time.” Dalai Lama

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    “The power of sharing a meal”

    As a humanitarian, Leon is a catalyst helping transform lives for the better, with a broad dedication to and belief in the fundamental value of human life. He is on a personal mission to ensure that:

    “No one to go to bed hungry and there is always enough food to share.”

    Leon is driven by the following principles and beliefs:

    • to focus on our shared humanity, not on our differences
    • to create a deeper connection and greater understanding between people
    • the power of collaboration and the strength of human spirit
    • the power of sharing a meal

    He pledges to deliver on his mission through leveraging food: creatively sharing his love of it and encouraging others to embrace this too to create positive impact.

    Leon’s work is informed by causes relating to children, civil rights and social action, inequality, education, the environment, human rights and poverty alleviation. He is passionate about addressing food insecurity (the measure of an individual's ability to access food that is nutritious and sufficient in quantity). This includes reducing food waste by putting any surplus to good use.

    To learn more about Leon (click HERE), his work (click HERE) and his services (click HERE).

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