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    The 'Perspective' Guy


    I believe modern leaders can embrace our humanity and have more wealth, health and happiness for themselves too.

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  • From chef to entrepreneur, humanist and now catalyst. I stumbled through life, experienced successes, failures, a divorce, loss of business, setbacks and I went through fear and pain. What I learned through the process is that life became a struggle when I wasn't connected to my inner core even if the successes on the outside seemed huge.


    My experiences taught me that the more balance and understanding I had of my own inner processes it helped me to create more progess, prosperity and happiness effortlessly in my life. I started my inner journey through a life changing experience in Bali and it allowed but to get rid of my fears, limited beleifs and the feeling of not being good enough.


    Going through that change was the most powerful and liberating experience of my life. I could see through the story I had created and started to believe myself. Hence now I focus on what is really important to me and what I love.


    Redefining who you are and changing your story can be a lonely and hard journey. I will walk that path with you. I focus on conscious entrepreneurs as that's the direction I have taken myself and I know all the twists and turns, pitfalls and roadblocks you will come across. Navigating and redirecting as an emotional and inspirational support to you.


    "Being busy and active are often signs of hiding a inner sense of loneliness. We are all looking for a place of belonging" Leon Aarts


    "Leon has a powerful creative mind and deeply wise heart, which he radically lives by. His intuition is uncanny and will hit you like a sword of truth. This is my greatest inspiration and one of the reasons I keep coming back to him for advice. There is many mentors in the world, yet very few who courageously live by what they teach. He teaches you to shine your brilliance by the means of living your truth without attachment. It's a radical and powerful invitation to live by our heart. He gives me the courage to do so and show up from that place in my relationships and in my business. I highly recommend working with Leon if you are ready to step into the next level of your powerful self."

    Christiane Pedros

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