• Leon's Consultancy Services 

    advisory, coaching/mentoring, strategy and implementation

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  • Advisory

    • Leon will start with where the client is at, listen, advise, support and reflect as appropriate.

    Coaching & Mentoring

    • As a trusted coach and mentor, with his own track record, Leon walks beside his clients on their food inspired impact journey. His greatest gift is the ability to empower his clients to move forward to realise their own potential and bring their inner visionary ideas to fruition.

    Strategy & Implementation

    • Leon leverages his broad and deep expertise to assist his clients. He worked for many years in the high-pressure restaurant industry; he is also a seasoned entrepreneur who has set up start-ups and founded charities.


    Every consultancy engagement is unique, so why not book a breakthrough call with Leon to ignite your own transformation? Contact Leon HERE.


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