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    Every great chef is known by their signature dish. This is the dish for which defines them and took years to develop and perfect. Hard graft, creating, letting go, tweaking and starting all over again to finally have a dish to which they can say: this is me!


    A chef needs to achieve mastery before he reaches the level in order to do so. Achieving mastery is about fully understanding the laws of your craft and nature and knowing how to apply them.


    For our lives its exactly the same, you can create your signature life. As a top-chef I have distilled the processes and use them to create your Signature Life.The life you truly want! To create our signature life you have ti master many elements Together we work on perfecting your recipe until you are totally satisfied and able to live it.


    Through the 7 ingredients Signature Life e programme you can embrace your unique brilliance, balance your outer responsibilities with your heart’s desires and becoming a conscious leader for living your purpose. You become more successful, admired and totally fulfilled.


    I walk with during the whole, we go through exercises, processes. We cry, laugh, celebrate, create and sacrifice together. Together we master the process.


    Do you want to:


    Live a more meaningful life?

    Feel more prosperous, happy and content all the time?

    Have long and lasting impact on those around you and in the world?

    Be admired as a leader and known for the impact you create?

    Do you long for a life fully aligned with your true hearts desires and aspirations?


    If you answer YES and want to have these elements in your life

    and live from your highest self! Then let's have a chat.


    "Service and Impact are the real currency of Happiness and Fulfilment"

  • How the Signature Life Process Transforms your Life

    In this video I share how I realised that the magic of cooking can transform your life!

  • How you can create Your Signature Life.

    3 Levels of personal engagement to suite your needs from a single one to one meeting to the full 10 month immersion.

    A Peek at the Menu

    One to One Meeting

    A two and half hour in depth conversation where we look at your life, your dreams, successes passions and desires. Together we look at the right choices and tools for you to be more successful and fulfilled

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    Working with the Ingredients

    2 months 4 meetings

    Ideal for people who want to live a more meaningful life and who are challenged to listen to their desires as outer pressure seem to take over.

    In this month long programme we have 4 conversations and email support. I give you tools and processes to start the transformation

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    The Holy Grail

    10 month deep Immersion

    . Since 2007 I changed my life and went on a deep inner exploration to find myself and discover the science behind who we truly are. In this master your life programme we go together through the 7 Ingredient Method I've developed to design Your Signature Life.

  • The 7 Ingredients to create Your Signature Life

    An Explanation!

  • Mise en Place, the preparation


    Every successful chef starts by doing their mise en place or preparation. An important first step, when a top-chef first enters the kitchen they lay out everything they need, their knives, chopping boards, pans, bowls, fill the pepper and salt containers. After that the ingredients are checked, we make sure that everything is of the high standard required to cook at the highest level. We are prepared to design something extraordinary.


    We’ll be doing this too. First we’ll look at your present life, at what you already have, your current path and that which you desire. We start by putting in some practises which you will help you to develop and live your signature life. We are getting ready!


    1. Lighting the fire


    The first thing a chef does next is lighting the fire. Heat is important to get ingredients in the required state. For your signature life we take look at where you are at and we take a deep look at what you are holding on to. We decide what holds you back and needs to go. We light a fire to burn it down. In fire everything gets renewed


    2. Sacrifice


    Next a chef takes a look at which ingredients and preparations improve a dish and which need to be sacrificed in order to make the dish better. Personally we take a deeper look at what is going on beneath the surface. The patterns and beliefs which are unconsciously running you. We work on transmuting them. This step can be hard and forces us to go within, which always brings up challenges. These are needed to form a solution for your renewed life.


    3. Separatio


    Now the chef has decided which ingredients to let go and which are worth keeping. He has to make sure that each separate ingredient is in the best possible state for the dish to make it really unique and extraordinary.


    Personally we start by connecting the dots. What’s the path you are on, what are the critical moments in your life? You discover the parts which help you grow and make you unique. We start to build the narrative of your signature life. What is your gift to the world and how can it bring joy to others and yourself? The struggle starts to turn.


    4. Integration


    A chef now combines, integrates the carefully chosen ingredients. It is not simply about the ingredients anymore to create a truly astonishing signature dish, he needs to tune each element into something amazing so the ingredients together become more than their collective parts. A signature dish tastes so good you never imagined food could taste like that.


    We now have discovered and chosen the different elements you want and desire in your life. This step is about living with your heart fully open and living from something bigger than yourself. You are now free to create your new life, staying aware of your responsibilities totally incorporating your heart’s desires and the role you like to play in society. We start thinking about your life in a way you never thought was possible. Beyond your wildest imagination.


    5. Fermentation


    In fermentation living organisms like bacteria are added to break ingredients down even more with the effect to create a more beautiful product. Fermentation transform one ingredients to something totally different.


    In our personal life fermentation ensures that we transform into our new integrated self. The living orgasms are represented by the trials and tribulations which come on our life’s path. Together we use these challenges so you become truly resilient in your in your new extraordinarily beautiful life.


    6. Distillation 


    We are preparing for the final stage. Foods are distilled in order to be left with their pure essence. Distillation is about purification.


    We are purifying your spirit to make sure it is free from any destruction. Nourishment is necessary to help you keep growing and developing and to refine the life you envision. Rituals, contemplation and connection are necessary to fully integrate all the elements.


    7. Incorporation


    The signature dish is now complete. The best version the chef can create at this time. Really the creation is all about alchemy, the meeting of matter and spirit, the inner and the outer.

    Your signature life is about alchemy, the meeting between the inner and the outer life. Both are reflections of each outer. We incorporate you inner desires with your outer responsibilities. Your Signature Life is crystalized into a solid state.



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    "Leon has a powerful creative mind and deeply wise heart, which he radically lives by. His intuition is uncanny and will hit you like a sword of truth. This is my greatest inspiration and one of the reasons I keep coming back to him for advice. There is many mentors in the world, yet very few who courageously live by what they teach. He teaches you to shine your brilliance by the means of living your truth without attachment. It's a radical and powerful invitation to live by our heart. He gives me the courage to do so and show up from that place in my relationships and in my business. I highly recommend working with Leon if you are ready to step into the next level of your powerful self."

    Christiane Pedros


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