• Where we come from?

    A powerful talk or workshop. The audience is divided in groups of 8-12 people each. Through a set of questions which you answer and listen to the others within your group. We explore the question: Where are we from.


    This workshop is a connundrum, a problem you can't think your way out but you have to feel. When you feel it you know. There is also a certain rythm to it.

    We explore the rythm.


    This talk our workshops last 2-3 hours and is set to up to create greater understanding within communities. Or to create greater cohesion through understanding in teams, resulting in better and more efforless results.


    Take aways:

    • Improve understanding and collaboration with others
    • Embed shared outcomes
    • Realignment with authentic self
    • Create a compassionate environment for dispute resolution
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