• Transformation

    We go on a personal journey taking you from the valley of who you think you are to the heights of who you really are!

  • Transformation - An Introduction

    Transformation begins when you change your own idea and begin to live from your heart and begin to stand in your own power. In my own life I went through several transformations myself: from insecure youngsters to well-known chefs and from entrepreneurs in London to founder of Fill the Cup, Calais Kitchens and Supperclub Compassion. In this 'hands on' workshop I will not only tell my story. I show you through a number of exercises how you can also lead a life from your heart. A life full of passion, happiness, wealth and inner peace and trust, a life free from the fears which often hold us back.


    I myself stumble through life. I have known successes but also failures, a separation, setbacks and I have had to let go of companies. Due to a radical transformation 11 years ago, I realised that everything had to be different. I realised that I did not have to prove myself that I could not fail. My life changed storage. I could just be myself again.


    This workshop is an introduction to Transformation. It lasts around 3 hours and it can be tailored to the needs of your team, group or organisation. It also is the workshop which I take travelling and like to organise every where where I go. Transformation is a path a journey. I also organise workshops, in more detail, around certain stages of the transformation.


    In the workshop you will learn various useful tools and methods how to:

    • You can let go of your own ideas
    • Can choose between love and fear
    • To better understand others
    • Can live in the now
    • You can always open your heart

    "A change, a transformation can be experienced as difficult, but it becomes easier if you have someone next to you who has experienced it for yourself."



    Email me, for more information or to organise a workshop together.

    This is what others say about me and my workshops:



    "Leon knows, in his own unique and authentic way, how to connect and powerfully touch your heart in his own unique and authentic way."

    Guido Bosch


    "A beautiful and inspiring workshop, hosted by an inspired and passionate human."

    Anita van Ostaden


    "Leon creates a space in which he invites everyone to be 100% themselves."

    Pascale Rene Cohen


    "Leon radiates passion and shares his story beautifully."


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