• Supper Club Compassion

    The Power of Sharing a Meal.



    ''Getting to Know Others around the Table Holds Transformative Powers.


    Supper Club Compassion is an accumulation of all I've done in my life and I am committed to grow this movement to create more understanding and connection between human beings. To help solve the challenges we face.


    My first memories are the huge family meals is my grandparents dining room where laughs and serious conversations were going on at the same time. Sharing food with each other shifts the perception when words are inadequate.Whatever was going on in life, the first question his grand mother would ask was: 'Would you like something to eat?'


    Real connection happens when we see each others faces. In a world where the growing gap between human beings is ever wider we long for real conversation and connection. Sharing a meal has the ability to shift our perceptions, to create more equality and understanding and to take this away from the table.


    We create real conversations.

    We immerse ourselves in our common humanity as we share and listen to each others stories. The Supper Clubs are interactive and experiential. We use multi media, storytelling, deep listening, great food and other tools to create great lasting and transformative experiences for the guests.


    Learn more on the website: www.supperclubcompasssion.com


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