• Public Speaking and Key Notes

    A part of my work which I really enjoy!


    Interactive, experiential and daring talks to allow the audience to think outside of the ordinary. The audience or participants will leave with a new perspective about themselves, their lives and the world around them.

    They will be ready to transform their challenges into lasting change to more prosperity, happiness and understanding in their lives.

    “Leon is a truly gifted inspirational speaker and author. He has a very relaxed, simple, peaceful, balanced aura around him, and he had everyone engaged all the time he was speaking to us. He delivers the necessary tools.

    There was an atmosphere of lightness and excitement in the space, when the talk was finished.”

    Silvia Siret

  • Speaking topics:

    I speak on a variety of topics. Talks and workshops are always tailor made for my audience.

    Interactive and experiential. I ask questions, we do exercises and get the participants/audience involved to create change and lasting results.


    - How to create your signature life.

    An in depth at my life and how the trials and tribulations of becoming a top chef inevitably taught me that they could be used to transform my life. Out of the science of cooking I distilled the process and share the 7 ingredients with the audience. They come away with inspired with tools and insight to create immediate change in their own lives which will double their success and fulfilment.


    - Purpose and Prosperity, A Perspective.

    My Keynote talk a perspective on what it means to follow your purpose and how to create prosperity for your self at the same time.


    - Embrace your masculinity.

    The role for us men is changing and we are struggling, we are missing role models.

    How do we become modern men, how do you become that man your family wants you to be.

    I this talk or workshop we discuss the topic together and I give the participants some tools

    learn the right tools on how to show your emotions as a modern man.


    - Where we are from.

    Who we are and where we are from are the two most searched questions on the internet. We are looking for a place of belonging and a more in depth knowledge and understanding of who we are and where we come from helps us to understand ourselves and others better. Resulting in happier and more balanced lives, greater understanding of other which than results in more peaceful, cohesive and thriving societies, teams and business.


    This popular topic takes us deep within, ideal for smaller groups and more intimate settings creating breakthroughs and lasting results.


    Click on the topics for more information. Talks lasts between 15 min and 3 hours, workshops start with 3 hour duration.

    Each event is tailored to the needs and demands of the organisation or group I work with.

    Invite me to speak at your event.



    Results for you, your team or organisation:

    • The willingness to create lasting transformation and change
    • Improved team dynamics and connection
    • The recipe for shared outcomes and extraordinary results
    • A more in depth understanding of your inner journey
    • Tangible tools to use to stay on track