• How to Create Your Signature Life

    My signature talk to create your own Signature Life for greater success, more meaning

    and deeper fulfilment in your life.



    In this interactive, experiential talk I take the audience and participants on a journey. I take you to the moment that it all change for me and I gave up my career.

    For many years I had longed for a deeper meaning in my life, a longing to be myself and to step away from that feeling that I always had to prove myself.


    During this talk we explore how each and every one of us can discover their purpose and unique gift and live a life of more meaning, greater success and deep satisfying fulfilment aligned with your true hearts desires. I use my own life's journey to share the secrets to the recipe of my 7 Ingredients to create your Signature life


    They are:

    - Lighting the fire

    - Sacrifice

    - Separation

    - Integration

    - Fermentation

    - Distillation

    - Incorporation


    “Leon is undeniably a modern day mystic, a man for this renaissance, Leon is an ancient soul choosing to incarnate for the spiritual evolution of humanity. Leon’s insights are given with heartfelt clarity, which transcend space and time, his recipe for life is his story. Leon speaks with great confidence and certainty, inspiring us all to look within for our innate treasures our gifts to share with the world. It is a privilege and an honour to share the stage with him.”

    Ella Matheson


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