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    A more Meaningful Life...

  • Through my own journey from chef to entrepreneur and now TedX speaker, I learned that true success and happiness lies within.


    My Life is My message

    I live that through the projects

    I engage in and the people I meet.


  • Current Project

    The Felix Project is London's largest foor redistribution charity. We envsion a London weher no good food goes to waste and where no-one goes hungry. In 2021 we saved the equivalent of 30 M plus meals from going to waste.

    I am the Head of Felix's Kitchen, cooking 1.5M meals per year for London's most vulnerable and setting up new projects.

    Charity -

    With Compassion

    Before the first lockdown in March 2019 I started With Compassion. Hundreds of volunteers helped. In 1 year we cooked 650,000 meals for London's most vulnerable people. In the kitchens of Wembley stadium and Alexandra Palace. We saved over 300 tons of surplus food from landfill.

    #feedinglondon #cookedwithcompassion

    Humanitarian -

    Calais Kitchens

    In 2015 I was asked to helpIn open a kitchen in the Jungle, refugee camp in Calais, France. A project I am very proud of. From feeding a few hundred people every day we went to setting up a food distribution for 10 thousand people who received food every week

    Public Speaking


    I mentor leaders for who want to a transformation. More fulfilment, inner peace and wisdom in your life and work.

    Are you a leader who wants to create a more beautiful world? I walk that path with you!

    My Books

    In my books I describe my journey and how you too can live a life of more fulfilment,

    My latest book is called: Inside Out - How to Live with your Heart fully Open!

  • Christiane Pedros - Story Midwife

    "Leon's wit, wisdom and powerful way to shift my perspective again and again regardless of what crossroad of life, I find myself in has been a true gift. He is able to help me break out of my self-inflicted prison of 'trying' and brings me back into a state of effortless acceptance and flow. His transformational advice as a true friend, mentor and professional entrepreneur have helped me stay connected to my inner place of power and when I struggle to hold, return to it and make right decisions.

    Leon has a powerful creative mind and deeply wise heart, which he radically lives by. His intuition is uncanny and will hit you like a sword of truth. This is my greatest inspiration and one of the reasons I keep coming back to him for advice. There is many mentors in the world, yet very few who courageously live by what they teach. He teaches you to shine your brilliance by the means of living your truth without attachment. It's a radical and powerful invitation to live by our heart. He gives me the courage to do so and show up from that place in my relationships and in my business. I highly recommend working with Leon if you are ready to step into the next level of your powerful self."

    Are You Ready for an

    Inner Transformation?



    "Having someone walking next to you on your path of transformation, someone who has done it before.

    Guiding you, giving you the courage and resilience to transform during the journey allows you to

    truly embed your deepest authentic desires into your life and work and have big impact in the wider world too."

    Leon Aarts

    Renaissance Man

    "Leon is undeniably a modern day mystic, a man for this renaissance, Leon is an ancient soul choosing to incarnate for the spiritual evolution of humanity. Leon’s insights are given with heartfelt clarity, which transcend space and time, his recipe for life is his story. Leon speaks with great confidence and certainty, inspiring us all to look within for our innate treasures our gifts to share with the world. It is a privilege and an honour to share the stage with him.” Ella Matheson

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