• Embrace Your Masculinity!!

    Do you sometimes feel that you are supposed to be strong all the time?

    Or that it is weak to appear vulnerable?

    Do you find it difficult to talk about your insecurities, struggles and fears?

    It’s ok to be sad or emotional.


    In fact talking about your emotions is a superpower.


    We live in a world where we as men are being told to be strong, brave and courageous. Our identities are wrapped up in stories what it means to be a man and these stories don’t serve us anymore. We need to changes our stories.


    Do you want to create a new story for yourself?



  • Our children, friends, families and colleagues need us to be men who don’t bottle it up until we explode. The world needs men who are in touch with their emotions and are ok to share when they struggle or feel hurt and pain.


    Are you man enough to go deeper inside yourself?

    Are you brave enough to make these changes?


    It is powerful to be in touch with your emotions, and to talk about your emotions and at the same time you’ll address every part of yourself.


    Embracing your masculinity means that we can bring real solutions to families and societies. On this 30 day course I’ll take you on that journey. I will be on your side and hold you accountable, give you the courage and tools you need to take the right steps.


    In this 30 day course you will learn how to:

    • Learn how to express your emotions

    • Understand what others really need from us

    • Monitor your self talk

    • Trust your intuition

    • Feel loved for who you truly are

    • Deal with shame and failure

    • Feel safe and strong in situations which might be uncomfortable

    • Live a more authentic life.

    • Feel happier and more fulfilled


    In 30 days we create a new story for you and you have me by your side at every step.


    Are you prepared to change your story?

    Are you prepared to truly be the partner, dad or friend you really want to be without fear?

    Are your ready to live a more peaceful and balanced life and truly know what it means to be a man?


    Let me help you to create your new story.


    Change, even transformation is always possible if you are willing to put the work in. Every day you’ll receive a new lesson from me. I’ll give you tools and practises I have been using myself for many years. Everyday we go deeper, we reflect, we connect and focus on the challenges which concerns you.

  • Change you Life Now!

    30 steps

    30 days

    Tools and practises that will change your life.


    Stop bottling it up. Change your story and become 

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