• My contributions.

    I believe that we are on this planet to give and to contribute in order to actualise ourselves. Contribution is in my blood and the reason of why I do everything.


    I truly believe we can create a more beautiful world where everyone is equal. I have worked on Many projects in my life. Here are the main ones which I have set up myself.

  • Contribute too?

    If you feel inclined support my Share a Meal programme.

  • The Main Projects I have undertaken.

    Fill the Cup

    Imagine that every time when you buy a meal you pay $ 0.25 extra and a child gets a meal in a school in a developing country. You eat, They eat! A small amount which makes no difference to us. I set up the Extraordinary Ones Foundation in order to do this and ran it from 2009-2014. We fed thousands of children in collaboration with The World Food Programme.

    Calais Kitchens

    In 2015 I was asked to help open a kitchen in the refugee camp in Calais, France. A project I am very proud of. From feeding a few hundred people every day. I set up Calais Kitchens. We set up a food distribution system for 10 thousand people. I used all my inner and outer skills to make this happen.


    A movement I set up during my time in Calais when the camp was being destroyed by the authorities. A movement to stand collectively with other human beings. Find out more here.


    Compassion is a place where we connect with each other through sharing a meal. It is based on the principles loyal, local and loving. Whilst eating and enjoying the dishes, people, cultures and stories are brought together in a space where everyone is equal and where everyone is encouraged to talk and share. When we share a meal with someone talk about our worries, success, we deepen our connections.

    Find out more here.

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