• Conscious Leadership.

    My Signature Programme

    Designed for You if you want to become a Conscious Leader!

    A Conscious Leader is someone who leads with Conscious Awareness.

    This course is especially for people people who recognise the higher purpose of their life and business and the interdependence of all involved. You want to lead from this awareness and engage and inspire others to move in a direction which creates a more beautiful, equal and just world starting with themselves. You lead by example.

    You achieve this through Mastering The Path of your own Transformation.


    If you want to become a conscious leader who is admired and creates a world which is aligned with your deepest desires, your hearts aspirations rather than the constant external battle of more progress and profit. Then let me walk that path with you and we transform your life and the impact you have in every area of your life.

    Embrace you Brilliance!


    Like a chef's most famous dish, this is my signature programme. What it means is that I have learned, tried and tested all the necessary ingredients through my own transformation. Through my own journey from a young ambitious chef to setting up several businesses and my work with the charities I have set up, I am expertly qualified to walk with you through your transformation.


    It's a transformation of inner change creating outer lasting results which you truly desire.

    This 6 months programme has certain steps to it but is also tailor made to your needs, life and desires. To getter we create the results you long for to become an admired and conscious leader.


    In this 8 step - 6 month programme I will share with you everything I know, all my wisdom and what I have learned from my own mentors.

    The tools and ingredients I use my self.


    Schedule a call or meeting with me to see if this programme is something for you. As I mentioned through the path I've walk, my successes and failures I believe I am the perfect person to make that change with you.


    Do you want to become a conscious leader?

    Do you want to be admired as a leader and known for the impact you create?

    Do you long for a life fully aligned with your true hearts desires and aspirations?


    If you answer YES! then let's have a chat.




    You will learn how to:

    • Totally transform your life.
    • Feel peaceful within yourself regardless of whats going on around you
    • Life from your highest desires and aspirations.
    • Discover your true innate gifts.
    • Feel empowered to walk your talk.
    • Embody your purpose in your life and work.
    • Live by your heart and to trust your intuition.
    • Have long and lasting impact on those around you and in the world.
    • Become an admired person in your life and business


    Have a look at the 8 modules we go through below.

    I guarantee you results and lasting transformation, besides the two calls we have for each module you'll receive regular tools, exercises and insights. You will also have unlimited email and Whatsapp support.

    I am committed to create the results you are after


    Click on the link here to book the programme or request a payment schedule.



    "Leon has a powerful creative mind and deeply wise heart, which he radically lives by. His intuition is uncanny and will hit you like a sword of truth. This is my greatest inspiration and one of the reasons I keep coming back to him for advice. There is many mentors in the world, yet very few who courageously live by what they teach. He teaches you to shine your brilliance by the means of living your truth without attachment. It's a radical and powerful invitation to live by our heart. He gives me the courage to do so and show up from that place in my relationships and in my business. I highly recommend working with Leon if you are ready to step into the next level of your powerful self."

    Christiane Pedros


  • Schedule a call to see if this course is something for you.

  • 1 - Connecting The Dots

    We start by exploring your story through connecting the dots. Who we are and why we are here is already there for us in everything which has been showing up in our live. We start by painting a very clear picture!

    2 - Establishing your Foundation.

    Your foundation, we go to the root of who you are and why you are here. You decide what you want to stay, what needs to go and what is the base from which we build you. 'The desired state'

    3 - Dealing with your Fears, Hopes and Disappointments.

    As we travel on our path we will come across our fears, setbacks, disappointments or concrete set belief systems. How do we deal with these when they arise? Just like day and night there are cycles in life and business, the key is to become aware of them and work with them form a place of inner stillness and balance.

    4 - Exploring your Gifts.

    We each have an innate gift to share with the world which is unique to us. Discovering and embracing your gift will be your unique contribution to a more beautiful world.

    5 - Dealing with Relationships, Communications and Feeling Connected.

    This is about speaking your truth, acting from Love and with your heart open. When we act, speak and live with our heart open live changes, our interaction changes and our results.

    6 - Communicating your Purpose.

    How do you integrate your life's purpose into your work and life. First we will discover what your life's purpose and how you can align that with your work and business creating the change and impact you long for.

    7 - Trusting and Living your Intuition.

    As we progress and become more aligned our intuition becomes stronger. Our intuition comes from a higher place. I help you in simple steps to trust your intuition and let guide you through life.

    8 - Bringing in Consciousness.

    Consciousness is the wisdom of the universe which we can all tap into. It is there when we have let go of enough shackles which hold us back and when our heart is open enough to allow the love flow in.

    This is the state where true magic is created. This is the stae f being we all aim for.

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