• A Shared Meal!

    Food has the awesome power of letting people in need know you care!

  • The infamous camps in Calais have been destroyed now for a long time. Still there are around 1500 refugees living in the area and the circumstances have worsened.  Violations by the police have increased, chasing the refugees constantly and destroying their tents and belongings. The Refugee Community Kitchen is still going strong and serving around 2000 meals per day to the people in need.

    I am asking for you support again, I will be going to Calais agin on Sunday the 22nd of April to help, cook and supply food. We can't let anyone out in the cold and hungry. I will be working with the Refugee Community Kitchen.
    From the funds we receive we will buy the necessary food, gas and ingredients we need in order to feed as many people as possible.
    The need is high again.
    I sincerely thank you for your support!!!
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