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The Power of Sharing a Meal

My lessons and insights of my time in The Calais Refugee Camp

· Compassion,the power of sharing,leon Aarts

I spend 10 months in the infamous refugee camp called 'The Jungle in 2015-2016. Cooking and distributing food to thousands. It's the hardest thing I've ever done and at the same time the most beautiful and rewarding. Watch this talk to hear some of my lessons.

In a world where the growing gap between human beings is ever wider sharing a meal with others has the power to shift our perceptions, to expand our views of equality and connection, and to take this away from the table..

Sharing a meal with each other has the power to connect us whether that’s with people from other countries, other cultures, the other side of your street or even your family

The simple act of getting to know others around the table holds transformative powers.

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