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The Law of Expansion

Much talk has been done over the years about the law of attraction and manifestation. As many people have found that the law of atraction doesn't necessarily work. Sitting in your living room manifestiting doesnt give you what you desire and that is the secret....

Eastern masters have known this all along. There is a law of nature which comes before the law of atraction: The Law of Expansion. To do something for a higher good. Thousands of people who volunteer all over Europe to help refugees, migrants or immigrants have found that this work.

The law of Expansion talks about doing something for a higher cause, something which is bigger then ourselves. Two months ago a few of us stepped up and we said we wanted to feed everyone in the camp in Calais, not just the 500 breakfasts and dinners we were doing at the time.

I have blogged repeatedly on the magic whch has happened. Also this week's hallenges going on in the Camps in Calais and Dunkirk this week, we have been able to keep going due to the amazing support of many individuals.

Mainly through the support of Help Refugees who are a big supporter of the kitchens and and food operations in the warehouse, without their help and support we wouldn't have been able to keep the hot meals and food parcels going all week. Together we are feeding more then five thousand people every day.

Just this week next to many individuals donations 4 vans full of fruit and vegetables were sent to the warehouse.
- We bought 6000 tins of fish
- 4 pallets of teabags.
- Thousand of nutritious breakfast bars
- Lots of water bottles and Tina and her team made 1000's of emergency food packs, ready for whatever action the      police decides to take in the next few weeks
- A mountain of rice which isnever ending

All the kitchens kept producing high quality food, hundreds and thousands of meals every day.

With Love and Gratitude,

Thank YOU!

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