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The Importance of Preperation

Life Recipe 34

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As a former top chef I use recipes and ingredients as metaphors to help people through change and transformations in their lives.

In order to start any process I use a term called M.E.P. - Mise en Place or prep.

Mise en Place; to prepare is a term used in kitchens all over the world. It means that a chef prepares meticulously before he even starts cooking. They are then prepared to cook many high quality dishes through the work they have done before you even arrived. In fact all successful cooking depends on good prep or mise en place.

Chefs have their tasting spoons, knives, boards, vegetables and herbs all chopped and prepared. Sauces are made so when they start cooking they can focus on the essentials. For your life transformations and changes it is as important to be prepared.

Ensure that you've done the necessary preparations otherwise don't expect the change/transformation to happen. In the video below where I talk about it more :)

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