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Some more #Perspective drawings

I am the Perspective Guy after all...

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Here are some more of my drawings. To follow them all, follow me on Instagram.

Why feathers are great signs to us?

When you are as light as a feather
Your movements are subject to the wind
Yet you are free
You are light and
You are flying.
The sense of freedom and gentle rocking on the wind liberates us.
We can't control the wind, where we'll go or even when but you go everywhere where you need to be.
Be light!
You can't take off when you still have too much holding you back.

How to create more flow... Be still!

Flow like water always finds its level. We often believe that we can influence the natural order of things or make events happen/flow quicker for our convenience.
Flow always finds its natural level.
Yet, just like water you cant push flow. Think of when you had a bath as a child and you tried to push the water to one side. Guess what it never works!!!!
The water will come back at you even quicker from underneath or over the border you created. Flow is exactly the same.
We can only follow the natural order of things!!!

Everything goes in cycles. There's a natural rhythm to things..
Summer never comes before spring or after fall...
Our lives are the same.
When you try to understand the flow or the seasons, your life becomes easier. You'll know which are the next natural steps to take.
Sometimes in life we want to run before we can walk.
Go with the flow

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