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Paradise City...

The song "Paradise City keeps playing through my head as I am writing this update...

"Take me down
To the paradise city
Where the grass is green
And the girls are pretty
Oh, won't you please take me home"

The camp in Calais and the many others in Europe certainly ain't paradise. But are our western cities and societies? With the EU asking Turkey to stop the migrants/refugees to come to Europe and a vote in UK parliament tonight to send even more bombs.

Paradise, or the more beautiful world as we like to call it seems far removed from all of us.I still strongly believe that collectively we can create a more beautiful world. A world where everyone is equal, safe, had the same opportunities and lives in Love. A more peaceful world.I can only do my part.

Last week has been a very interesting week. It was busy and intense, a great team had stepped up and we are getting a lot closer to feeding everyone in camp very soon.The large kitchen will open tomorrow. Sam and Steve are doing an amazing job. There is a team of volunteers coordinating all the different aspects of the food we need, cooking and distribution. We have a good manager in the warehouse.

All the kitchen are collaborating.Food is collected centrally. There are some very exciting and unusual fundraisers coming up. Stayed tuned as they are very special. I have been doing some public speaking and raising awareness. I am waiting now for a train to take me to Maastricht, to connect with people for support and I have been invited to a TV show there.

More people are coming on board to support us, and to help and ensure we can give many people a little more of s human existence.The food truck will be arriving later today, the artist are onside already to paint it. I am looking forward to drive it into camp in the next few days to feed hundreds of people.

Very very grateful to be part of this movement of people who are stepping up believing that collectively we can create a more beautiful world.#‎paradisecity #‎Istand #‎standinpeace #‎whatmakesushuman #‎gratitude #‎themorebeautifulworld

Play Guns and Roses Live Paradise City Wembley 1992...

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