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Our light is Stronger

As we mourn the loss of the lives in Paris, and we are silenced by the unbelief and disappointment of the actions of a few individuals. The disbelief of what our world has come to continues.

It has resulted In France and other countries to toughen their border controls even more and they now have decided to take action by throwing even more bombs. It’s INSANITY

 As Einstein said: 

 "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."

 How can we expect different results, bombing is never the answer!!!

 As we raise our defence mechanism collectively so will many of us do this individually with the result that the distance between us human beings increases. It is the way we have learned how to cope.

Making it ever more difficult to see our common humanity, to come together and find a solution to this crisis of humanity.

As I was woken by the news of Paris, many messages came in from friends asking me if I was alright as there was a fire on the camp. My guides helped me by guiding me to a place to sleep off site, luckily. There was a fire, caused by candles and the wind made it spread fast.

40 tents burned down, 150 people lost their shelter. Which is terrible, luckily there were no casualties and the fire was stopped fast despite the strong winds as it could have been a disaster.

The media, the BBC included, reacted by sending reports of huge fires which according to then were retributions to what happened in Paris. Old images and footage was used. The two incidences were not connected.

We are preparing for another day. I am curious what this day will bring. The tension and uncertainty will be high. Understandably so, we don't want anyone to be killed or hurt.

Unfortunately this will affect the lives of many many people globally. In Paris, all over the world, people on war zones, the misunderstanding between our religions will increase and the millions of migrants will endure more resistance and hardship to hopefully one day find a peaceful and safe place to live.

 I feel sad...  

 Yet we are preparing for another day and will do our upmost to make the people we met feel more comfortable, fed, safe and to give them a place to share their stories....

 I pray for all of us to not step into fear

 "there are dark shadows on our earth, but our light is stronger in its contracts"

Charles Dickens 

As I am now back home to London, and I have mixed feelings. Doing this kind of work can be as challenging as it is rewarding under any circumstances or in any country.

The kitchen gets burgled regularly, now five nights in a row, the last two nights it was a gang of seven with large knives. In a pressure cooker situation as this is, unfortunately a few people can destroy everything for the 98% of honest and sincere people we meet everyday. These are the people we do this for. The safety of us volunteers and the migrants is the most important.

We therefor had to take different measures, we have brought in a large shipping container to store everything, we still cook but live off site. Luckily the large kitchen we are working on will be ready in two weeks as planned to cook for a few thousand people. The ashram will stay a community place for people to come together, to sit down and share a meal.

I want to start organising and overseeing the overall food distribution, the cooking and the delivering of the individual food parcels. Doing this well is so important. As I mentioned before the hunger in camp is huge and growing. We notice less aid coming in. So we need your support to keep everyone fed, healthy and warm.

We are stepping up our efforts. Please support us here.

Beside all this the people you meet are amazing and worth our support. Here is a photo of Rosy, 9 days old, the first baby born in the camp. She is doing really well.

With Love, Light and Peace, 



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