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My musings on Love

Love is like the wind...

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Love is like the wind (Image 1/5)
It can be the subtlest thing and
It can also be so fierce it'll blow you over

Love is like the wind (2/5)
It can be as subtle as a summers breeze playing in your hair.
Making everything just that little bit nicer.

Love is like the wind (3/5)

Over time, gently, it carves the most beautiful structures in the hardest of stone. That's what loves does over time. Love shapes us too

Love is like the wind (4/5)
It can have the greatest force like hurricanes and storms.

Love is like the wind (5/5)
You never know where the wind comes from, or how it even starts to exist. When you collaborate with it.
It brings you to the most beautiful of places... Just sail the wind of love.

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