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Are humans capable of a true dance of humanity?

· Leon Aarts,Insights

Watching the murmurations of birds has always fascinated me. It is just mesmerising!

Tens of thousands of starlings, often millions of birds come together, and seemingly moving as one. It's like watching one of the most incredible examples of flow. It always made me wonder: is this possible for us human beings to flow in the same way?

Let's look at the science behind why birds can communicate with each other so fast. When birds act as one large swirling mass, it often comes from the presence of a predator like a hawk or eagle. The movements are based on scaring the predator. Thousands of birds change direction simultaneously. Scientists have found that the size of the flock doesn't really matter. The change in the behavioural state of each animal allows it to affect and be affected by all the other animals. No matter the size of the group the system simply works.


If one changes direction, they all change. But how do they do it? The answer is found in magnetism. The way particles in magnets move has to do with what we call: critical systems. When the environment is right, each particle moves simultaneously from direction. What happens in these flocks is the same thing. Research has showed that each bird reacts to the one nearest to it. A change in direction in one bird affects the seven birds closest to it. That movement then immensely goes through the whole group this. This is how the birds can move so incredibly beautifully and without accidents.

They have their own critical system; it provides the perfect balance between cohesiveness and individual effort.

Seven is just one of the numbers which work in nature! If birds can...

We humans should also be able to come together and move so intrinsically, beautifully synchronised together for a common cause. We can automatically find the right balance of cohesiveness and individual effort. Murmurations only work if each participant is as recognised as important as the one next to it. That happens when we act for the effect of the whole of humanity and when we are affected by the movement of humanity. No one is more important than anyone else and the benefits are shared between all of us.

Science shows us how important the people closest to us are. How they affect us and our state and intentions affect them, then radiating it out to the people closest to them. It also proves that how showing up authentically in each and every moment is how we change the world around us.

That is something which truly excites me. Do you feel this is possible?

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