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How to Shine Your Light more Brightly?

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How to polish your light?


Diamonds are made under huge pressure and temperature carbon atoms are cooked together to form very strong formations, that's why a diamond is so hard. Millions of tiny atoms come together, the formation of a diamond only happens when many circumstances are exactly right. When the circumstances change or disappear the formation of the diamond might be stopped temporaily or not happen at all.


Look at us humans where we go through immense pressure often through situations which life trhows at us. As a results the most beautiful people are formed, hardened through the circumstances.

They are ready to shine their light...


And as a diamond we need to be polished to show that beautiful prism, that prism which can be used to direct light and transform it into any colour and our direction.

The polishing happens with fine sand kernels which on their own appear in our own life as challenges and or problems. So dont see them like that any more, think of the things coming onto your path as opportunites to refine, polish and ways to shine more brightly and beautifully.

Others will be attracted to that light.

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