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Gaining Perspectives no2

· perspective,Leon Aarts,Insights

Inside or outside?
Where are you truly free?
Are you daring enough to go outside? What does it take.
Staying within is like staying inside the container. Contains means to hold...
What are you holding onto before you are ready to venture outside and to be truly free?

Can’t see the woods for the trees?
Rise above!!!
Yes you catch more wind but you’ll have a clear view and greater understanding. You see what others can’t see.
And a tall tree needs more roots.
Rise above!! Embrace your brilliance

When we see a flower grow in difficult circumstances like on a heap of garbage or through a concrete block we admire the beauty and strength of the flower.

Yet when we come across people who experienced difficult circumstances we talk about their background, their failures or maybe the culture they grew up in.
What if, we’d look at their strength and beauty?

When you hold on to anger, fear, resentment or other emotions like that in your life true happiness or cntentment will always be struggling to be filled up. We will seek many things to make us happy as the energy will keep leaking towards the thoughts and emotions of anger and fear we are still holding on to.

It's the law of communicating vessels, the lowest one will always be full.

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