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We all always want to be on the top of the wave. Enjoy the highs not the lows.
Yet, life, progress is about the current.
It can’t exist without the height and the low of a wave.

Which blinkers are you wearing?
The human eye can’t see all. Do you see broad and wide or narrow but miles deep and high?
Awareness is key... When you are aware of them you’ll also know your blind spots!

Do you see the beauty when it rains? Do you see the gift rain brings?
When we look at all the experiences in our lives as being a blessing. Whether they are good or bad, each are an experience, a gift to help us further.
Change your perspective, change your life.

In order to rise above situations, limited beliefs or thought patterns we need to let go of our ballast. You’ll rise automatically.
Not only will that change your #perception theirvis less resistance and the flight of your life will be easier, more effortless.

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