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A Shared Meal.

How it all started!

In September 2015, on a Thursday, I had a message on Facebook asking me if I could come go Calais, to help set up a kitchen in the refugee camp over there.

I didnt need long to think. We spoke on the phone on the Friday evening and I decided to go, I can help, I have the skills as a chef and more importantly I believe that we all deserve a change. With the wrork I have been doing lately I know how to bring people together.

This is not a refugee crisis, it is a crisis of humanity. How we deal with this will determine very much the future of Europe and our common humanity. In this blog I will share with you my journey, cook meals, show images, insights and most importantly the stories of wonderful, wonderful people because that is what we often forget.  We are all human beings!!

When we share a meal together, we laugh, live, love and cry together and we solve oru problems. So I go on this journey to share meals with people from all over the world.

It starts now, and I don't know when it will end but I hope to travel lots, meet wonderful people and help to remind us of our interconnectedness.

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