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    I walk with you on your path of inner transformation to live your highest potential aligned with your inner desires.

  • A little and a lot about me..


    From chef to entrepreneur, humanist and now an alchemist. That pretty much sumps up my journey :).


    Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Leon Aarts, I am the author of the transformational book Inside Out, how to live with your heart fully open. In addition to that I am an international public speaker, entrepreneur, humanist, a present day alchemist, TedX speaker, Top Chef, mentor to conscious leaders and most importantly optimist and dad.


    I stumbled through life; experienced successes, failures, losses and setbacks. I went through joy, fear and pain. What I learned through the process is that life became a struggle when I wasn't connected to my inner core even when the successes on the outside seemed huge.


    My experiences have taught me that the more balance and understanding I had of my own inner processes it helped me to create more inner peace, happiness resulting in progress and prosperity in my life. I started my inner journey through a life changing experience in 2007 and it allowed but to get rid of my fears, limited beliefs and the feeling of not being good enough.


    Going through that change was the most powerful and liberating experience of my life. All of a sudden I could see through the story and struggle that I had created and believed myself. I now focus on what is really important to me and what I love most. As a result I changed the life of many through my humanitarian actions and inspiring others to do the same.


    Redefining who you are and changing your story can seem a difficult and lonely journey. I will walk that path with you, guiding you on every step as I've walked it before. I know all the twists and turns, pitfalls and roadblocks you will come across. Navigating and redirecting as an emotional and inspirational support to you.


    I focus on conscious leaders and entrepreneurs as I am inspired myself by people who actively want to create a more equal and just world for all of us to live.


    "Being busy and active are often signs of hiding an inner sense of loneliness.

    We are all looking for a place of belonging"

    Leon Aarts

  • From Apprenticeship to Mastery.

    My personal Journey.

    The significant turning points and experiences of my life.

    A chef I am in awe of: Jeong Kwan

    The Chef


    In my twenties and early thirties I was a Top Chef in the Netherlands where I ran my highly acclaimed restaurant: Bellefroid. Cooking is Alchemy and it was my apprenticeship into alchemical understandings. It also taught me that being a master in what you do is very important and that I could achieve anything I wanted.

    I am vegan now but was selling this beef



    I have run several businesses in my time. From a restaurant to a whole sale business selling wagyu beef and truffles to the top London restaurants to The Sacred Alchemy which was about empowering people to to connect to their highest self.

    To achieve success in my businesses I built on the same principles I learned a chef.

    The concept we were running

    The Foundation

    The opening my heart

    In the alchemical journey something happens when you are at the sage of opening your heart.

    In 2009 I started my Foundation The Extraordinary Ones, about our interconnectedness. Our concept Fill the Cup was the very successful raising funds to feed children in developing countries. I see this period as the transformation into becoming truly myself and living my true purpose.

    Leon on his work in Calais


    In 2015 I was asked to help open a kitchen in the refugee camp in Calais, France. A project I am very proud of. From feeding a few hundred people every day we went to setting up a food distribution for 10 thousand people. I used all my inner and outer skills to make this happen.

    About Compassion

    Supper Club Compassion


    The coming together of all my projects so far.


    The simple act of getting to know others around the table holds transformative powers.

    In a world where the growing gap between human beings is ever wider sharing a meal with others has the power to shift our perceptions, to expand our views of equality and connection, and to take this away from the table..

    Interview on Nu Sound Radio

    The Present


    Alchemy is about the transformation of our soul. To rediscover and realign with who we really are.

    As an Alchemist I guide people through that transformation.

    The alchemists journey is one of going within.

    I do that through my writing, speaking and my daily posts inspiring people and changing their perspective.

  • My Values

    My core values which I live and breathe!


    Walking the talk!

    Speaking my truth,

    aligning my words with my actions.


    Deep respect and gratitude for all sentient beings.


    To choose our words well when we communicate.

    To live and act with our hearts fully open.


    Radical Love! and Kindness!


    Extraordinary Results

    To create extraordinary and remarkable transformation within ourselves, financial results, relationships and the workplace.

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