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    Wealth and Happiness in your Life?


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    This 7 day course helps you effectively to live and achieve what you truly want from your heart’s desires and your soul's deepest aspirations. It is based on the practises I use myself all the time.


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    Effortlessly More Wealth, Health, Peace, Balance and Happiness in your Life!!




    - A free copy of my eBook: ‘The Seven Ingredients to Live in Love’ eBook

    - A video every day for seven days in your inbox with tools, exercises en meditations.

    - Lessons on gratitude, living in the moment, abundance, opening your heart, purpose and

    choosing between love or fear.

    - Access to our Facebook Group where you can leave questions and chat with other participants.

    - You have a chance to win a free consultation with Leon

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    Now only € 9.90


    In this course I share with you everything I have learned and discovered on my journey to live a life with is fulfilling, happy and prosperous.

    In order to achieve that state you' need and understanding and accepting who you are and why you are here. Living life effortlessly is not about earning more money.


    We human beings have been created out of the universal energies: Love & Abundance. Most of us live in a way where we see money as our guiding light. We have started to belief that some people are more important than others and we have created an economy and culture based on lack. We need to get back to that feeling of abundance and being in effortless flow.


    How do we do that? How do we step into love and abundance? It might feel challenging, it is a journey, but that is what life is all about: A return to love, to believing, understanding and fully accepting and living that it is available to us all.


    You will receive the practises I use myself in 7 videos. Every day you hear my best insights and practises. It will take you less then 15 minutes per day,

    You will learn simple and effective tools how to:



    Day 1 - A return to Love

    Day 2 - Being Present

    Day 3 - The 4 Rules for Living

    Day 4 - Deepening your Purpose

    Day 5 - Delving into our hearts

    Day 6 - Being the Light

    Day 7 - Gratitude, a meditation


    Bonus Video - The Emerald Stone


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    What Others Say:

    After years of therapy to let go of my bad experiences, I was ready to accept love, self love! Leon told me I was blocking that. Through asking the right questions we discovered which fear I was holding. I was afraid to open up and to be hurt again. Afraid for myself and others.

    Through Leon's energy clearing process​ we let the fear to leave my body and replaced it with love in my body and soul. I feel great now and know that I can do it on my own too. It makes me very happy.”

    Moniek Krul


    “If you are looking for clarity, if you are thinking there must be more to life, if you are working to change/recognise patterns, if you want to breathe easily, if you want to truly and freely love your life then join this event.”

    Pearl Jordan


     "Leon mirrored me in such a beautiful way, He showed me what I was hiding from so I could clear those and replace them with the powerful being I am. I left feeling very connected to my source. I believe in being love and you are love."

    Harika Pekinel


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