• Let's Collaborate!

    Let's explore how we can create your path of transformation! Leaders, conscious entrepreneurs and changemakers can create huge change on on the outside when they have done the work on the inside.


    The inside work is the FIRST step. You can only change your outer world from within!


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  • More Prosperity, Power and Happiness.

    In your Life and the Workplace!

    As a leader in your business, organisation or at home you have the opportunity to create deep and lasting transformation for our communities, yourself and your family. Going through your own transformation is so powerful that you are an example which others will want to follow and respect.


    You'll have the ability to create effortlessly the life you aspire and desire. Lasting impact, being respected, inner peace, beautiful relationships and outstanding financial results are within your own reach.


    I empower people to embrace their own brilliance so each can help create a more beautiful world. I believe modern leaders can embrace our humanity and have more wealth, health and happiness for themselves too.


    Each and every human being wants to and deserves to be loved, wants to belong, to be valued and to feel safe.


    We need leaders who are courageous, connected and supported. People who lead the way and stand in their truth. I walk them through that tarnsformation; to live and breath your own brilliance and potential and transforing and leading humanity as a result.


    What I ask you is to go within!



    Shifting your perspective!


    I connect you to your essence, to your truth. I shatter the shackles that bind you to limited states of being. I bring you back to a place of true power, prosperity and happiness.


    If you think that you are that person and that you are ready to shine your brilliance in life and the workplace then you’ve come to the right place. I am that person who walks next to you, who understands. I will give you tools and guidance to the stay on the right path. It is powerful to go through a transformation with someone who has been there himself.


    You will:

    • Discover your true innate gifts
    • Feel empowered to walk your talk
    • Embody your purpose in your life and work
    • Live by your heart and to trust your intuition
    • Encourage and inspire others 
    • Achieve impossible results
    • Feel happier and more fulfilled


    Contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

    “Leon has the ability to enable change in people, to reveal the barriers to change and shine a light. Our experience of working with him, with an aim to re-energise our company, has been fruitful. Individual and team dynamics have freed us to look for solutions for the whole company in a fun dynamic way, whilst leaving us with a set of tools to now help ourselves.”
    John Benque

    The Creative Ingredients

    For Personal and Business Transformation


    Embrace Your Brilliance

    My Signature Programme

    Mastering the Path of your personal transformation.


    This programme is especially designed to become a thought leader, a conscious entrepreneur, to live and embrace your purpose. Shining and delivering from your deepest self.


    The 8 steps:
    1 - Connecting The Dots
    2 - Establishing your Foundation
    3 - Dealing with your fears,
    4 - Exploring your Gift
    5 - Dealing with relationships
    6 - Communicating your Purpose
    7 - Trusting and living your Intuition
    8 - Bringing in Consciousness

    Click here to learn more about the 8 steps.



    Lunch With Leon

    The best of me: my time and mentoring combined with food :)

    Let's have Lunch together. Sharing food is a great way to truly connect, to great greater understanding and transformation.


    I am not a coach for long projects. In this one to one you'll have personal time with me. For fast transformation and lasting impact in your life. You'll leave with all the ingredients you need for the menu of your life.


    We eat at a restaurant of your choice or we Skype.


    Book your Lunch with Leon now.

    Restaurant of your choice.



    Fine Tuning- Energy Clearing Session

    In this Energy healing session we clear negative blocks.


    Fears, anger, anxieties or limited belief systems which you are holding you back and weighing you down. These emotions can totally blocked in all areas of your life.


    We asses what comes up and together we clear the emotion out of your body and system.Replacing it with positive energy. You will feel energised and lighter.


    Concessions available.


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  • My Workshops

    For Groups and Teams

    Re-Connection Circles

    Sharing is caring

    I have developed a unique circle process in which participants look at who they truly are. Through asking a set of simple questions and truly listening the circle becomes a transformative process to create better connections with themselves and others. This greater understanding results in better team dynamics, more flow and greater results and profitability in businesses.


    The circle process is also very effective in teams and businesses to work more coherently together and as a real collective. You will leave feeling empowered and more connected. Allowing your business to grow to a successful, profitable and admired company.


    I have also used the circle process with groups of diverse participants to create more understanding and cohesive societies.


    The circles are often organised with food, as the power of sharing a meal deepens the experience, resulting in even greater understanding, connections and results.


    Circles last around 3.5 hours. Please contact me for a discussion around this.


    “Leon is undeniably a modern day mystic, a man for this renaissance, Leon is an ancient soul choosing to incarnate for the spiritual evolution of humanity. Leon’s insights are given with heartfelt clarity, which transcend space and time, his recipe for life is his story. Leon speaks with great confidence and certainty, inspiring us all to look within for our innate treasures our gifts to share with the world.”

    Ella Matheson

    Concessions available

    Sharing is caring

    How it works:


    I am a firm believer of the Gift Economy. I use it in all my work.

    It is based on mutual trust. It means that you trust that I give to you my knowledge and wisdom to the best of my abilities. I trust that you appreciate me by giving me the true value it represents to you. The way it works practically is that I will give you a proposed value of the work we agree to undertake together.I trust you value me in the appropriate way.


    If you feel this is for you please contact me.

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