• Recipes for Shining your Brilliance in Life and at Work


    I am the master in shifting perspective. I connect you back to zero, the essence, to your truth. I shatter the shackles that bind you to limited states of being and shifting you bringing you back to a place of true power.


  • Embrace your Brilliance


    I stumbled through life, I've walked many paths and learned even more lessons.

    Through my apprenticeships, my business, charities and every initiative I've started I had to let go off many failures, fears, beliefs and patterns. It opened my heart.


    Through all that inner work I discovered self compassion, love and the true meaning of life. I found out who I truly am. I reconnected with and embraced my real unique brilliant self. We are all great people but often we get lost.


    Through embracing my own true self I can be the best dad, partner, boss and friend for everyone around me. You do that by embracing your own brilliance, this includes acknowledging and sharing your own vulnerabilities. That way you can truly give to the world; be everything you want to be and have a happier, healthier and more succesful life.


    If you want to Embrace your Brilliance then you’ve come to the right place.


    I am the master in shifting your perspective. I connect you to your essence, to your truth. I shatter the shackles that bind you to limited states of being and I bring you back to a place of true power and love.

    If you are looking for a place of transformation and shining your brilliance in life and the workplace. I am that person who walks next to you, who understands, who gives you tools and guides you to the right path. It is powerful to go through a transformation with someone who has been there himself.


    I have the right recipes for shining your brilliance in life and in the workplace.


    As your personal chef we create a menu for your taste and requirements. We have all the right ingredients to achieve your desired nurturing state of being.


    Contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

    “Leon has the ability to enable change in people, to reveal the barriers to change and shine a light. Our experience of working with him, with an aim to re-energise our company, has been fruitful. Individual and team dynamics have freed us to look for solutions for the whole company in a fun dynamic way, whilst leaving us with a set of tools to now help ourselves.”
    John Benque



  • The Creative Ingredients

    Be happier, more courageous and successfull. Achieve effortlessly what you want!


    If any of these programmes are out of your reach please contact me and we see if we can use the principal of the Gift Economy for you.

    Intuitive Conversation
    $25.00 - $80.00
    An initial conversation where we look at where you are at and what you'd like to change. We look at how you can live your truth.
    Gain crystal clear clarity about what you can and want to chance in your life.
    90 minutes via Skype or in person.

    Lets start a conversation.

    I want to make this available for everyone so I have added a second option. When you cant afford it use this option. It is based on the Gift Economy. Which means you pay me the value you think it is worth and what you can afford. This option is for 30 min and you pay the amount you feel comfortable with.
    Select an option
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    Walking the Path - Embrace Your Brilliance
    $497.00 - $1,997.00
    In 3 or 12 (6 months) sessions (via Skype or in person) each lasting around 90 minutes or as long as we need. I will personally help you discover your unique brilliant self. How to embrace your brilliance fully in every aspect of your life.

    I will be at your side by every step. At a first initial conversation we design a path together for you. You will have email and supprot via Whatsapp.

    We will:
    - create a new story.
    - design more authentic life.
    - give you every techniques, tool and exercise you need.
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    Coming soon
    Energy Clearing Session
    In this healing session we clear negative blocks you have. Fears, anger, anxieties or limited belief systems which you are holding you back and weighing you down. These emotions can totally blocked in all areas of your life.

    We asses what comes up and together we clear the emotion out of your body and system.

    We realise the energy and replace it with love and light. You will feel energised and lighter.
    Coming soon
  • Re-Connection Circles

    For groups, teams and organisations

    I have developed a unique circle process in which participants look at who they truly are. Through asking a set of simple questions and truly listening the circle becomes a transformative process to create better connections with themselves and others. This greater understanding


    The circle process is also very effective in teams and businesses to work more coherent together and as a real collective. You will leave feeling empowered and more connected. Allowing your business to grow from to a successful, profitable and admired company.


    I have also used the circle process with groups of diverse particiants to create more understanding and cohesive societies.


    Circles last around 3.5 hours. Please contact me for a discussion around this.


    Public Speaking and Key Notes

    Interactive, experiential and daring talks to allow the audience to think outside of the ordinary. Please look at my YouTube Channel for examples.


    My talks last between lasting from 10 to 90 min. Email me for more information and topics


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