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  • "Leon's wit, wisdom and powerful way to shift my perspective again and again regardless of what crossroad of life, I find myself in has been a true gift. He is able to help me break out of my self-inflicted prison of 'trying' and brings me back into a state of effortless acceptance and flow. His transformational advice as a true friend, mentor and professional entrepreneur have helped me stay connected to my inner place of power and when I struggle to hold, return to it and make right decisions.

    Leon has a powerful creative mind and deeply wise heart, which he radically lives by. His intuition is uncanny and will hit you like a sword of truth. This is my greatest inspiration and one of the reasons I keep coming back to him for advice. There is many mentors in the world, yet very few who courageously live by what they teach. He teaches you to shine your brilliance by the means of living your truth without attachment. It's a radical and powerful invitation to live by our heart. He gives me the courage to do so and show up from that place in my relationships and in my business. I highly recommend working with Leon if you are ready to step into the next level of your powerful self."

    Christiane Pedros


    "After years of therapy to let go of my bad experiences, I was ready to accept love, self love!

    Leon told me I was blocking that. Through asking the right questions we discovered which fear I was holding. I was afraid to open up and to be hurt again. Afraid for myself and others.

    Through Leon's energy clearing process​ we let the fear to leave my body and replaced it with love in my body and soul. I feel great now and know that I can do it on my own too. It makes me very happy.

    Moniek Krul


    “Leon is undeniably a modern day mystic, a man for this renaissance, Leon is an ancient soul choosing to incarnate for the spiritual evolution of humanity. Leon’s insights are given with heartfelt clarity, which transcend space and time, his recipe for life is his story. Leon speaks with great confidence and certainty, inspiring us all to look within for our innate treasures our gifts to share with the world. It is a privilege and an honour to share the stage with him.”

    Ella Matheson


    "I have to say that these were the best, most perfectly cooked vegetables I have ever had in my 28 years of life, and I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon"

    To work and Play Food Blog about my cooking.


    ​"​I’m super charged after ​chatting​ with Leon. Leading the conversation without interrupting me, so I​ can​ express myself fully, he manage​s​ to have me talking about my deepest intentions and matters I seem to be struggling with. He helps me to get back to my authentic self and​ problems ​that would be on my mind in a way they would keep me awake all night. All of a sudden are solved in a way I ​could never imagine. Letting go​ and trust​ing, is what Leon makes me do. Letting go of a doses of negative emotions and replacing them with trust in what is."

    Armand Urlings​


    “Leon has a gentle yet focussed and very intuitive approach which helped me tune into the deeper messages and blocks which might be holding me back from fulfilling my potential. Highly recommended!”

    Kindy Kaur


    "Leon mirrored me in such a beautiful way, He showed me what I was hiding from so I could clear those and replace them with the powerful being I am. I left feeing very connected to my source. I believe in being love and you are love."

    Harika Pekinel


    "Leon impressed us all with his vision and his ability to 'walk the talk' of what he spoke about. He is an inspiration for 'just do it'!"

    Cecile Guarrera


    “Leon is a truly gifted inspirational speaker and author. He has a very relaxed, simple, peaceful, balanced aura around him, and he had everyone engaged all the time he was speaking to us. He clearly has a mission. The mission is PEACE on earth. He delivers the necessary tools to become part of this movement. There was an atmosphere of lightness and excitement in the space, when the talk was finished. My daughter, who also felt this was one of the most special people she had ever met and who walked away with a sense of enlightenment.”

    Silvia Siret


    “Leon has the ability to enable change in people, to reveal the barriers to change and shine a light. Our experience of working with him, with an aim to re-energise our company, has been fruitful. Individual and team dynamics have freed us to look for solutions for the whole company in a fun dynamic way, whilst leaving us with a set of tools to now help ourselves.”
    John Benque


    “This is a book written from the heart from someone who knows, cares and understands. If ever a book could provide 'food for thought' to anyone who cares about world hunger, this is it. Leon describes his journey from successful chef and businessman to a feeder of souls.”

    Philippa Hull


    “It is a safe, gentle environment where you can explore areas you truly love, gain clarity, re-connect and become your true self, discover your gifts.”

    Emma Wilson


    “Everybody on the planet has greatness inside then and Leon is demonstrating the power that one person can have.”

    Jim Rees


    ”Leon’s wonderfully warm approach to speaking was instantly engaging. His honesty and passion was immediately evident and his gentle persuasion and creative energy shows how we can all make a difference by doing a relatively small thing; it is in our hands, we can create a huge impact so that no one goes to bed hungry. ”
    Tanya Mann Rennick


    ” The best spiritual development circle in the heart of London. Ella and Leon are the most brilliant facilitators and spiritual communicators who provide the attendees a totally illuminating experience.”

    Nicole Song


    “If you are looking for clarity, if you are thinking there must be more to life, if you are working to change/recognise patterns, if you want to breathe easily, if you want to truly and freely love your life then join this event.”

    Pearl Jordan


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