• The real impact of having someone walking with you on your path



  • Lets have a One to One session.

    As a leader in your business, organisation or as a conscious entrepreneur you have the opportunity to create deep and lasting transformation for yourself, your family and the community . Going through your own transformation is so powerful that you will be example to others who will want to follow and respect you. You will have the ability to create effortlessly the life you aspire and desire. Lasting impact, being respected, inner peace, beautiful relationships and outstanding financial results are within your own reach.


    I empower people to embrace their own brilliance so each can help create a more beautiful world. I believe modern leaders can embrace our humanity and have more wealth, health and happiness for themselves too.


    There are various options, I am looking forward to connect.

    Contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.


    ​"​I’m super charged after ​chatting​ with Leon. Leading the conversation without interrupting me, so I​ can​ express myself fully, he manage​s​ to have me talking about my deepest intentions and matters I seem to be struggling with. He helps me to get back to my authentic self and​ problems ​that would be on my mind in a way they would keep me awake all night. All of a sudden are solved in a way I ​could never imagine. Letting go​ and trust​ing, is what Leon makes me do. Letting go of a doses of negative emotions and replacing them with trust in what is."

    Armand Urlings


    Lunch With Leon

    The best of me: my time and mentoring combined with food :)

    Let's have Lunch together. Sharing food is a great way to truly connect, to great greater understanding and transformation.


    I am not a coach for long projects. In this one to one you'll have personal time with me. For fast transformation and lasting impact in your life. You'll leave with all the ingredients you need for the menu of your life.


    We eat at a restaurant of your choice or we Skype.


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    Restaurant of your choice.



    Fine Tuning- Energy Clearing Session

    In this Energy healing session we clear negative blocks.


    Fears, anger, anxieties or limited belief systems which you are holding you back and weighing you down. These emotions can totally blocked in all areas of your life.

    We asses what comes up and together we clear the emotion out of your body and system.Replacing it with positive energy. You will feel energised and lighter.

    Concessions available.


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    Discover your True Gift

    We all have a purpose for being here. You share your purpose through your unique Gift. We all have a unique gift to share with the world. The problem is, is that it is so natural to us that we don't even see or notice it ourselves.


    When you are searching or lost what your purpose, join me and I promise you we you be satisfied.How you serve the world is always within you, in fact it's in your DNA. Together we'll uncover it.


    In a 30 minute intuitive exercise we'' ll discover your True Gift is and how you can share it with the world.

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