• My Own Journey

    Transformation or Alchemy has different stages to it, these are mine.

    The Chef

    The Chef


    In my twenties and early thirties I was a Top Chef in the Netherlands where I ran my highly acclaimed restaurant: Bellefroid. It taught me that being a master in what you do is very important and that I could achieve anything I wanted.

    The Coming of Age



    I have run several businesses in my time. From a restaurant to a whole sale business selling wagyu beef and truffles to the top London restaurants Called TFC Express to The Sacred Alchemy empowering people to to connect to their highest self.

    I always struggled with the way that we treat each other in business, it never felt right. It took me years to realise: It wasn't me, there is another way.

    The transformation

    The Foundation


    In 2009 I started my Foundation The Extraordinary Ones, about our interconnectedness which I ran until 2014. Our concept Fill the Cup was the most successful raising funds to feed children in developing countries.

    I see this period as my apprenticeship and transformation into becoming truly myself and living true purpose.

    The Present Moment

    Calais Kitchens


    In 2015 I was asked to help open a kitchen in the refugee camp in Calais, France. A project I am very proud of. From feeding a few hundred people every day we went to setting up a food distribution for 10 thousand people. I used all my inner and outer skills to make this happen.

    The Present Moment



    Compassion is a place where we connect with each other through sharing a meal.

    It is based on the

    principles loyal, local and

    loving. Whilst eating and enjoying the dishes, people,

    cultures and stories are

    brought together in a space

    where everyone is equal and where everyone is

    encouraged to talk and share.

    When we share a meal with someone talk about our worries, success, we deepen our connections


    The Present Moment

    The Present


    Alchemy is about the transformation of our soul. To rediscover and realign with who we really are. We live in a world which often takes us away from our true identity and we feel we have to live in a certain way. It takes courage and strength to rediscover who you are. I have been on that journey and I walk with you on your transformation.

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