• Embrace your Masculinity

    A talk for espcially for men to understand what it means to be a man in these modern times.


    We live in a world where we as men are being told to be strong, brave and courageous.

    Our identities are wrapped up in stories what it means to be a man and these stories don’t serve us anymore. We need to changes our stories


    Do you sometimes feel that you are supposed to be strong all the time?

    Or that it is weak to appear vulnerable?

    Do you find it difficult to talk about your insecurities, struggles, fears?

    It’s ok to be sad or vulnerable.


    Talking about your emotions is a superpower.


    It is powerful to be in touch with your emotions, and to talk about your emotions at the same time you’ll address every part of yourself.

    Embracing your masculinity means that we can bring real solutions to our families and societies.


    You will learn how to:

    • Monitor your self talk

    • Feel loved for who you truly are

    • Feel safe and strong in situations which might be uncomfortable

    • Feel happier and more fulfilled

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