• Courses and Workshops

    My courses and workshops are especially designed to let your team in your business our organisation perform and collaborate better. Achieving the results you collectively aim for through more flow and less effort. We discuss the desired outcomes together and align the team with the organisations purpose and goals.


    We design group session and one to one if desired. We create transformation in your team and business through connection between the team members, real connection with themselves and with the organisations aspirations.


    In a very authentic way Leon fantastically entertained and inspired our group of 50 individuals. Leon shared straight from his heart, his wisdom and insights not from theory, but through his own experiences. I full heartily recommend Leon to everyone. If you are looking for an inspiring speaker and trainer who directly impacts people.

    The great thing about Leon is his high degree of flexibility and creativity developing for a tailor-made program for his audience.

    Leon takes great care into people who participate in his programs and their needs.

    Martin Masset - De Siter


    You'll have the ability to create effortlessly the life you aspire and desire. Lasting impact, being respected, inner peace, beautiful relationships and outstanding financial results are within your own reach.


    I empower people to embrace their own brilliance so each can help create a more beautiful world. I believe modern leaders can embrace our humanity and have more wealth, health and happiness for themselves too.


    To see if this is something for you or your organisation.Book a strategy session with me.

  • My Workshops

    For Groups and Teams


    "A change, a transformation can be experienced as difficult, but it becomes easier if you have someone next to you who has experienced it for yourself." Leon


    Transformation begins when you change your own idea and begin to live from your heart and begin to stand in your own power. In my own life I went through several transformations myself: from insecure youngsters to well-known chefs and from entrepreneurs in London to founder of Fill the Cup, Calais Kitchens and Supperclub Compassion. In this 'hands on' workshop I will not only tell my story. I show you through a number of exercises how you can also lead a life from your heart. A life full of passion, happiness, wealth and inner peace and trust, a life free from the fears which often hold us back.


    This workshop is an introduction to Transformation. It lasts around 3 hours and it can be tailored to the needs of your team, group or organisation. It also is the workshop which I take travelling and like to organise every where where I go. Transformation is a path a journey. I also organise workshops, in more detail, around certain stages of the transformation.


    In the workshop you will learn various useful tools and methods how to:

    • You can let go of your own ideas
    • Can choose between love and fear
    • To better understand others
    • Can live in the now
    • You can always open your heart

    For more information click here

    Sacred Ingredients to Live in Love!

    “A return to love, that’s the purpose of our life.”

    Love is what makes the world go round, yet for us human beings we sometimes struggle to fully accept and understand what is so essential to our being: Love.


    Living a life in love is not about finding that one special person in your life. Living a life in ‘Love’ is about fully understanding and accepting who you are and why you are here. Living in love is about the reason why you are here and enjoying the interconnectedness which we all have with everything around us. This energy is always present, in abundance, growing and evolving with the universe and with us as individuals. It is seen and felt by us constantly.


    We all want a life full of love, wealth and happiness, most of us have the feeling that we can’t fully achieve it. Living in love, full of prosperity and happiness holds deep understanding..


    You will feel that you are ‘in love’ all the time. You will feel a world where the sun always shines, where you have lots of energy, where everything looks brighter and problems don’t seem to exist.


    You learn how to live effortlessly in peace, prosperity and happiness and how to achieve what you truly want from your heart's desires and deepest aspirations.

    Re-Connection Circles

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    I have developed a unique circle process in which participants look at who they truly are. Through asking a set of simple questions and truly listening the circle becomes a transformative process to create better connections with themselves and others. This greater understanding results in better team dynamics, more flow and greater results and profitability in businesses.


    The circle process is also very effective in teams and businesses to work more coherently together and as a real collective. You will leave feeling empowered and more connected. Allowing your business to grow to a successful, profitable and admired company.


    I have also used the circle process with groups of diverse participants to create more understanding and cohesive societies.


    The circles are often organised with food, as the power of sharing a meal deepens the experience, resulting in even greater understanding, connections and results.


    Circles last around 3.5 hours. Please contact me for a discussion around this.


    “Leon is undeniably a modern day mystic, a man for this renaissance, Leon is an ancient soul choosing to incarnate for the spiritual evolution of humanity. Leon’s insights are given with heartfelt clarity, which transcend space and time, his recipe for life is his story. Leon speaks with great confidence and certainty, inspiring us all to look within for our innate treasures our gifts to share with the world.”

    Ella Matheson

    Concessions available

    Sharing is caring

    How it works:


    I am a firm believer of the Gift Economy. I use it in all my work.

    It is based on mutual trust. It means that you trust that I give to you my knowledge and wisdom to the best of my abilities. I trust that you appreciate me by giving me the true value it represents to you. The way it works practically is that I will give you a proposed value of the work we agree to undertake together.I trust you value me in the appropriate way.


    If you feel this is for you please contact me.

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