• Supperclub Compassion

    Contact us to organise a meal in your company, in your neighbourhood or simply with others.


    Supperclub Compassion is based on the principles Loyal, Local and Loving.

    Sharing a meal together creates understanding and friendships which last longer then the time spend together. Sharing a meal together brings communities together.


    You simply sit together around a table, you share a meal, you share your story. An opportunity to connect with people, each with their own story. This table is for everyone regardless of their background. We share our time, our stories, the food and we share the bill for those who are less fortunate then ourselves.


    Loyal and Local relate to the method of preparation of the dishes that are eaten and shared. Compassion strives for high quality meals and prepared dishes with local and organic ingredients. Whilst eating and enjoying the dishes, people, cultures and stories are brought together in a space where everyone is equal and where everyone is encouraged to talk and share.


    In a world in where the gap between people continues to grow, is something simple and obvious as eating together, the way to share stories, create connections, remove differences and come closer together.

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